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Lucid Dreaming Adventures
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Time Traveler
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Travel to the Past or the Future, TONIGHT!

Stop reading about history. Slip on your headphones and live it!


Building your own time machine...

Exploring the past and present...

Journeying through the fourth dimension...

LET GO of ALL your limitations and enjoy the EXCITEMENT of TIME TRAVEL as EARLY as TONIGHT!

BREATHE the air from a thousand years ago, SEE what wonders and mysteries the future holds, TAKE your own guided tour through history – you control EVERYTHING that you do!

Let the Time Traveler CD help you WALK among the DINOSAURS, WITNESS the thrill and adventure of the WILD WEST, HOLIDAY in the world's first LUNAR COLONY...

GO where you WANT! 

SEE things you've only ever READ ABOUT!


Don't let a little thing like sleep stop you from having a wonderful adventure. Let the power of Lucid Dreaming take you back and forth through time TONIGHT!

Grab the Time Traveler CD TODAY and TAKE CONTROL OF TIME!

Interested? Purchase YOUR copy of the Time Traveler CD today for JUST $28.95.

Approximately 18.95 or 20.95 Euros. Price converted to your local currency.

Special Thursday Offer: FREE international shipping and handling +
FREE guides to Lucid Dreaming and Remembering Your Dreams!

Each CD contains:
Add this CD to Basket Full lucid dreaming induction
 Guided lucid dreaming adventure
View Basket & Checkout Built-in reality prompts
 Brainwave entrainment tones

 Music by Max Andronov 

Try out this CD absolutely RISK-FREE
for a whole THREE MONTHS!

All we ask is that you try out this CD for at least a month.
If you're unsatisfied for whatever reason –
we'll issue you with a FULL REFUND (minus original S&H).

NO questions asked. NO quibbling.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Bradley Thompson
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